I AM THE % – An Apology To My Blog

I hold my hands up.

I have disowned my blog. My fault 100%.

I read somewhere before I started A Long Way From Home that most bloggers give up blogging with a year of starting – I told myself that I would not be part of that percentage.

Hell I was wrong.

Since my last blog post I have driven around Australia for 10 weeks from Perth to Melbourne to Uluru to Darwin to Broome and back to Perth. Rented a new apartment and I have been working as a team assistant at an engineering firm in the heart of Perth’s City centre for the past 4 months. We have planned and booked our trip home passing through Vietnam, the Philippines, Tokyo and London before heading home to Scotland for Christmas. And also a cheeky trip to Paris in January for Rhys’ 26th(old) Birthday.

Have I documented any of this?

Not. One. Bit.

God dammit Becky.

So I’m back, lets do this and lets do it properly 💪🏻

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