Esperance & Cape Le Grand National Park

Day 10 – Wednesday 19/04
Esperance / Cape Le Grand National Park

We left Raventhorpe and took 2.5 hours drive in to Esperance. Drove around The Great Ocean Drive, a scenic drive that follows the local coastline and then loops back into town. Highlights along the way include the Rotary Lookout, Twilight Beach, Observatory Point, the Wind Farm and Pink Lake (no picture of the pink lake… I was really looking forward to seing it but it wasn’t really pink when we got there, probably due to the weather being cloudy)

We decided to see if we could get a camping spot at Cape Le Grand National Park, even though we had read that camping spots get snapped up pretty quickly at both Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grande Campsites, we thought because its passed Easter maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Arriving at 4pm we paid the $12 entry fee for the park and set off to find the camp site, it was easy enough to find just following the signs. We drove past the turn off for Lucky Bay as we had read Cape Le Grand was better. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces when we arrived, the views really are breathtaking especially with these little guys hanging around for the whole night.

A nice ranger, who later told us that every few months another ranger covers the position, met us at the entrance to the camp site. We paid $10 each for the night and was shown to a little alcove where we could park. We set up the tent, made a cup of tea on the stove and walked over to the beach where we saw there was a lookout point over the beach so we climbed it and were not disappointed by the sunset views.

Day 11 – Thursday 20/04
Cape Le Grand National Park

We left Cape Le Grand Beach campsite and went along to Lucky Bay, as I mentioned before we didn’t stay there because we read that the campsite wasn’t as good… it has a much bigger campsite and looked really busy, but that beach, wow, squeaky white sand that rivals Whitehaven for sure and turquoise blue water. A bit cold for a dip in April but it would be amazing in the summer.


We saw straight away that folk were piling in either because it was a nice day or its nearly the weekend, some may have just been day trippers but there where way more cars driving around at 10am than 4pm the day before.

Also, thought I’d add… Frenchman Peak – one of the big mountains in the national park,  looks like the Grinches mountain in Whoville, right?!?

When we left Cape Le Grand we drove back to Esperance to stock up on food and water at IGA and left for the Nullabor at 12:30pm. We stopped at around 4:30pm and stayed at a road stop called “10 Mile Rock” (no rocks, but plenty of trees) just after Norseman at the beginning of Eyre Highway that had a drop toilet and a shit load of mosquitoes who liked me a lot…. 

*sad face*

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