A Successful Week In Pictures

Hello…. It’s me.
(sorry I had to)
No but seriously, what a week its been!

Rhys bought us a car, check this out this little beauty, a 2006 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. It has a fold down bed in the back!!!! It also runs on LPG gas so is super cheap to run. He bought it from a backpacker couple who’s Oz trip was coming to an end. They have given us everything that they used to travel with including camping chairs, a tent, bedding, two stoves, pots pans and cutlery and a bunch of other random stuff! This is super exciting for us as this will be our home for the next few months as we travel all over Australia for the second time when we leave Perth in April. Watch this space as I will be blogging about our experience living in a car and our travels!

My eyeballs and ears where blessed from ADELE at the Domain Stadium, I honestly have no words other than she was absolutely fantastic, hilarious, beautiful and if you ever get the chance to see her it is so worth it!

I bought a tent that we will attach to the back of the car when we are at campsites on our road trip. It will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable than just sleeping in the back of a car. I bought it on EBay as I contacted the supplier of Napier Australia and they didn’t have this style in stock until the end of April so I am having one shipped over from America. I paid $310 for the tent and $110 for the postage – The Australian distributer was charging $450 including postage so I’m glad I’m not out of pocket from buying from the US and I got the one I wanted to fit our needs and our car WIN WIN!

Me and TOH went to see Matilda the Musical at the Crown Theatre, Rhys bought me the tickets from my Christmas as a surprise. We both really enjoyed it! Perth’s own Tim Minchin song writing is fantastic. My fave character was Miss Trunchbull who was played by a guy – he was hilarious!

I received the most beautiful iPhone 6 Plus case I have ever laid my eyes on. LOOK AT IT!!!
6 Dollaroos from EBay  – Woohoo!

Thanks for reading! – A Long Way From Home.

5 thoughts on “A Successful Week In Pictures

    1. Hey girl!! Thanks so much! The tent arrived all the way from america and oh my goodness it is A-mazing. So excited to try it out. My road trip starts in 13 days. Stay tuned!! I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics!! The company is napier if you are looking to get one 😊 Thanks for the comment I appreciate it!!

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  1. I can’t believe you’re going to be camping in your car; what an adventure! But so great that you managed to get all of that stuff for free. That’ll set you up brilliantly! Ahhh isn’t Adele amazing? I went to see her last year and was just blown away by her talent. I’m going to see her again in July and I can’t wait. Glad you’ve had such a lovely week! 🙂

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    1. I can’t believe it either… I’m sure once I’ve banged my head on the roof a few times the reality will sink in pretty quick 😂 Adele was absolutely fantastic, I was in tears as soon as she came one hahaha what emotional roller coaster! Some of the footage of her here in Australia has just been amazing, she is so hilarious! So jealous you are going to see her again! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, I really appreciate it 😊


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