Car Camping and Getting Creative

I wrote in my previous post and also havent stopped talking about, how we bought a 2006 Ford Falcon Station Wagon that has its very own bed built in the back. We are going to take said Station Wagon on a trip, not just any trip, the full circle around Australia, following Highway1 from Perth to Perth… no biggy, right?

car camping - a long way from home
The car when it was first bought… Keep reading to see what it looks like now!!

Well… All those years spent as a child infront of the T.V after school watching Art Attack – shout out to Neil Buchanan, SmArt and Changing Rooms (sorry to any non UK folk reading this) back in the 90’s have really being paying off these past few weeks since buying the car and getting ready for our next big trip!

Ever since I can remember I have been able to picture something in my head and come up with a weird and wonderful way of creating it. My grandad is really creative and he was definitely and still is, a massive influence on me growing up. Hi Grandad!! I have always found ways to make things to look cute and cool if it’s looking a bit outdated. And I have always managed to make the best out of what I have available. In school I took Art, Craft Design & Technology, Product Design and Graphic Design. Basically I should have went to Art College… but of course I never.

Hense thinking putting curtains up in the car was a good idea… Little did I know that a bit of trial and error would occur and I’m so glad I started a few weeks before leaving to give myself time to make it right.

I made the curtains out of a $10 queen bed sheet from kmart in a mint geometric pattern, I measured up the inside of the car and wonda webbed (adhesive iron on strips) the bed sheet into rectangles. I had already done some research on Pintrest and I knew that I wanted to make a roll up style curtain and have the ties hanging to sercure the curtains up when they weren’t in use.

To actually secure the curtains in the car was a different story. I tried velcro (see above) which failed miserably after 2 days where I would get in the car and the curtains would be hanging off. So I got some pins and pinned them up to be more secure. After a fews days I got annoyed at how untidy it looked, so I took the advice from a friend which I should have done in the first place and bought myself a $6 staple gun from Bunnings. I ripped off the velcro and started again, also changing the ties to a loop and hook style fasten as my previous idea to use velcro to secure the ties to keep the curtains rolled up didnt work either, hopefully you can see in the pictures…
Because the interior to the car is fabric, the staples have worked a treat, it looks so neat, tidy and secure.  I’m really chuffed with the result!

So here is the finished result!


I had to add in some fairy lights too!! The mint storage boxes are from Kmart (see theres a pattern here, all about those savings when your a backpacker).

You might have already noticed the wood is now a different colour too… The wood didnt look very attractive and I thought it could do with a bit of sproosing up. So bought some sticky vinyl in a light wood finish for $3 from Kmart and wrapped around the front of the bed to make it look more modern and clean. You can see the bed fully down here too. We have the back seats up at the moment until we are ready to put bedding in and the bed down for the trip.

I also bought this cute marble vinyl ($3 from kmart) that everyone is obsessed with right now and updated this dingy broken camping table instead of buying a new one.


#projectmakethecarahome is almost complete and we leave Perth in 8 days, stay tuned, I think the next few months are gonna be fun!!

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5 Places To Eat In Bali ​

OK, so you’re in Bali… You gotta eat right??


Mamas Warung – If you have been in Bali for more than 10 minutes by now you will have noticed this word “Warung” on every street. Basically it’s a little restaurant, sometimes no more than 2 tables, that does yummy Balinese food. You will eat at a Warung at least once if not every day on your trip. Mamas Warung in Ubud boasts a certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor, Mama cooks for you herself, she is a lovely Balinese lady who has been making food for her customers for years. Nasi Goreng for 18000 Rupiah ($1.80AUD) who can say no? I had Nasi Campur ala Mama.



Coffee Corner – I think we came here every day when we were in Kuta. We didn’t stay in a Balinese family home-stay in Kuta, so no pleasure of having the lovely Balinese banana pancakes and Lombok coffee every morning. Instead we opted for a nice skinny hazelnut cappuccino and some good old bacon, poached eggs, avo on toast!


South Kuta

Single Fin – Get ready for that Instagram ready pic of the day. This place is perched on top of a rocky hill where Blue Point Beach is, looking onto the Indian ocean, enjoy some Peanut Satay Chicken whilst taking it the sea breeze and if you stay long enough of go for dinner, this place is the best for watching the sunset. What a dream.

Edit: Somehow I managed to misplaced my photos from Single Fin, but check them out on Instagram @singlefinbali and you’ll get the idea 😉


The Smoothie Shop Cafe – I wrote about this place for We’re The Travellers. If you are looking for a Vegan and/or Organic bowl of goodness. This place is for you!


Cafe La Pasion – Mexican food, dip pool, cake and good vibes. Need I say more?


Karma Beach Club – Ok so I’m cheating with this one. But I will tell anyone & everyone to visit here if they are going to Bali. Karma Beach Club is a posh hotel, non-hotel stayers can pay $50 to be taken down to the private beach by cart. And when you get down there you spend the whole day no longer a backpacker, you are an A-lister for the day. Being served young coconuts, beers and food whilst snoozing on a lounger soaking in those Bali rays enjoying the beautiful sea views. I ate prawn linguine and sipped cocktails. Backpacker who???


Thanks for reading!  – A Long Way From Home


A Successful Week In Pictures

Hello…. It’s me.
(sorry I had to)
No but seriously, what a week its been!

Rhys bought us a car, check this out this little beauty, a 2006 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. It has a fold down bed in the back!!!! It also runs on LPG gas so is super cheap to run. He bought it from a backpacker couple who’s Oz trip was coming to an end. They have given us everything that they used to travel with including camping chairs, a tent, bedding, two stoves, pots pans and cutlery and a bunch of other random stuff! This is super exciting for us as this will be our home for the next few months as we travel all over Australia for the second time when we leave Perth in April. Watch this space as I will be blogging about our experience living in a car and our travels!

My eyeballs and ears where blessed from ADELE at the Domain Stadium, I honestly have no words other than she was absolutely fantastic, hilarious, beautiful and if you ever get the chance to see her it is so worth it!

I bought a tent that we will attach to the back of the car when we are at campsites on our road trip. It will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable than just sleeping in the back of a car. I bought it on EBay as I contacted the supplier of Napier Australia and they didn’t have this style in stock until the end of April so I am having one shipped over from America. I paid $310 for the tent and $110 for the postage – The Australian distributer was charging $450 including postage so I’m glad I’m not out of pocket from buying from the US and I got the one I wanted to fit our needs and our car WIN WIN!

Me and TOH went to see Matilda the Musical at the Crown Theatre, Rhys bought me the tickets from my Christmas as a surprise. We both really enjoyed it! Perth’s own Tim Minchin song writing is fantastic. My fave character was Miss Trunchbull who was played by a guy – he was hilarious!

I received the most beautiful iPhone 6 Plus case I have ever laid my eyes on. LOOK AT IT!!!
6 Dollaroos from EBay  – Woohoo!

Thanks for reading! – A Long Way From Home.