5 Life Hack Items For Backpackers

Being a backpacker or traveller can be tough, especially if you are one who loves home comforts and wants to pack everything including the kitchen sink. Some might say backpacking just wouldn’t be for you, but I’ve got some ideas that will make your backpacking experience a lot easier!

#1. Microfibre Towel 
backpacker should own one of these, nice and fluffy, gets your body dry quick and you can roll it up or fold it flat into basically nothing.

#2. Torch
Staying in hostels can be a bloody mare, especially if you are sharing a room with folk, maybe you need to be at work really early but your roomies are loving the unemployed life. A torch will help you find your work clothes and stay on your roomies good side instead of turning on the room light and wake up the sleeping beauties.
In the words of Beyonce, Turn the lights out.

#3. Shampoo Conditioner Shower Bars
Aint no body got time for carrying heavy bottles of products around. Lush make these amazing bars that lather up really good, all you need is a soap bar container to keep them in. Grab this “Honey I washed my hair” bar, NO MORE SHAMPOO EXPLOSIONS!


#4. Solar/Rechargeable Battery Pack
You’ve got to keep everything charged right? No plug? No problem! (hopefully  you are in a country that has sun… if not, a rechargeable battery pack will obviously be for you) find one that has more mAh’s (whatever that means) but this will keep you going for a few days without having to recharge it.

#5. Speed Skipping Rope
Gym Memberships are expensive right?? Or maybe you are never in one place long enough to even bother with a membership. Grab yourself speed skipping rope. You can attach it to the side of your bag so its taking up zero extra space and voilà you’ve got yourself a portable high- impact cardio workout. No excuses!


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