What’s in my hand luggage?

Here’s my knock off Nigel that I use as my hand luggage, I picked this beauty up on Koh San Road in Thailand.

When you are backpacking for  *insert amount of weeks, months, or in my case, years* and if you are anything like me, you are going to want to take everything but the kitchen sink with you.

We need to remind our self our hand luggage will be attached to our body for long periods of time again in my case in 35-degree heat whilst either dragging a suitcase through sand – Thanks, Gili Islands!! – or having a much larger backpacker on your back whilst this is attached to your front, all of which is REALLY comfortable !! – can you sense my sarcasm??

Some airlines are now doing 7kg hand luggage instead of 5kg, which is bloody amazing but it does mean that you will end up packing more sh** and of course, this will break you back even more.

Most of us pack our most precious items in our hand luggage, small toiletries, jewellery and basically all electrical goods that you don’t want to be stolen or broken (no disrespect to any airport luggage attendant… but really we see you throwing our bags onto the back of the trailer when our plane has landed, WE SEE YOU!!)

I’m not going to lie and say I was clever, used my head and packed light.

I didn’t, I couldn’t.

So here’s a list of things I have with me in my hand luggage:

Lonely Planet – Australia: If you are travelling without owning any of the lonely planet books, stop what you are doing. These books are bomb. I used mine to plan a whole east coast Australia trip. It’s basically my travel bible. If you don’t fancy carrying it around with you, you can also buy them as ebooks and open them up on your mobile. I personally like to have a book in my hands, to fold down pages and highlight, but if you want to travel light, lonely planet ebooks are the way forward.


MacBook Air 13″: I only just recently bought my MacBook, I previously travelled with an iPad2 and iPod. If you own an iPad 2 from 2011 you will know its heavy af, so I needed to get rid, I replaced both iPad and iPod with a MacBook which is just as heavy so really there’s no knowledge here but hey my MacBook is nice!!

GoPro Hero 3: Feeling like I need to update my GoPro now that the Hero5 is out… but this does the job until then! It’s been to Cairns and all the way to Hong Kong and still works a treat! Here’s a pic of me a Rhys at the beautiful fresh water Lake McKenzie. The GoPro really does pack a punch!


iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold: because obviously…

Travel Journal: My mum gave me this personalised travel journal before I left home (it’s a bit grubby now) by a company called hannahlloyd that she found on notonthehighstreet.com. LOVE THIS SITE!! It has translucent wallets inside every few pages that I can put tickets, passes and just things I wanted to keep inside, I then write about them on the next page. Such an amazing gift, go mum!


Polaroid Zinc Printer: Everyone loves taking pictures right?? Well, this little beauty lets you print off your masterpiece, to give to your friends, to pop in your wallet. All you do is connect it to your phone through the polaroid app, select your image from your camera roll and click print! It even lets you edit your images in the app. AND guess what, the prints have peel off sticky backs so you can stick to anywhere including your travel journal after you’ve written about your amazing adventure, print off your snaps and stick it proudly beside it!


Travel Wallet: Very handy for storing documents and keeping my Passport, Money, Tickets in one place. These come in loads of different cool colours!

Gameboy 3DS: I picked up two second hand gameboys with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Zelda from EB Games for like $200 because me and my boyfriend got really bored when we were doing our 88 days farm work. #90’s kids


Wires, plugs and travel adapters: For all the devices above, stored in a zip lock bag.. because I’m human and messy. I got stopped at the airport once and was asked to see all of my electrical goods, I guess they saw all the wires through the scanner and thought I was dodge, the guy just laughed at me when I pulled all my random wires out…. Don’t judge me man?!?!

George Orwell 1984: I wanted to buy a small book to take to the beach and for on flights and managed to find a travel version of this classic in a little bookstore in
Koh Samui.


Thanks for reading! – A Long Way From Home

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