It’s Christmas

It’s 3 days after my first Christmas a long way from home, I’m finally recovering from a gin and wine fuelled hangover. I spent Christmas morning at Mullaloo beach with Rhys and friends along with I’m guessing around a thousand people wearing santa hats, reindeer ears but replacing the wooly jumpers with bikinis and swim shorts. Everyone I have talked to back home about this have thought this was seriously bizarre, I loved it!



On boxing day two friends from back home who have family in Perth came to ours and we chilled out reminiscing  about what we don’t miss about Dundee. They stayed over and the next day we spent the cloudy morning in the hot tub. I am now suffering big time for not putting on any sunscreen, bright pink and blistering! GREAT


Always wear sunscreen folks, even when its cloudy….



The next few days will need to be repeated all over again, Swan Valley wine tour tomorrow and then on to the New Year celebrations, I don’t think I’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne at 12 (“the bells”) this year. Then back to work on the 3rd of January 2017!! OMG, this year has gone tooooooo fast! But what a wonderful year it has been.

Just Being

I wanted to write my first blog about my partner. It won’t be lovely dovey I promise!!

My partner left to go travelling in Nov 2015 and left little old me at home, even though I had my flight booked to meet him 4 months later I will admit that a little part of me doubted that “long distance” would work out. It was extremely hard for us both, seeing him travel to Dubai, Thailand and Australia having fun in the sun whilst I was stuck in freezing cold Scotland it was hard for me not get jealous (I’m only human) and to not be together for both of our birthdays, Christmas, New year and Valentines sucked big time. But somehow we stuck it out, thank god for Facetime and Whatsapp is all I can say! Even though it felt like it never ever would, the 29th of February soon came around.

For the past 10 months myself and my partner have been by each others side every single day since I left my home town. Travelling thousands of miles all over Australia, Indonesia and Asia. Visiting Adelaide, renting a campervan in Cairns driving to Sydney in 4 weeks, stressing about trying to find farm work in Bundaberg to then be super dup lucky and finding 80 days worth on a cattle station in the smallest  town called Bollon (*Coming Soon* Farm work Blog) to then escaping to Bali, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong before coming back to Perth, where we are now, settled for 6 months, renting an apartment, paying bills and working that Mon-Fri job, ugh!! We have realised that reality isn’t really for us and will be looking at *Where too next* shortly after the New Year.

Reflecting on everything that we have experienced together so far I would just like to thank my partner for being there with me every step of the way on this adventure. We have like all couples our ups and our downs and by all means its hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Told ya, not so lovey dovey right?? My point is if you really want something you can make it work because in the end its all worth it.

Thanks bbz 🙂

Lake McKenzie – Fraser Island, QLD