He Hit Me | Reporting An Assault

I’m not sure if I should write about this, but it is currently 1:31am and I haven’t been awake at this time for a very long time and there is no chance of me sleeping any time soon.

Today has been an exhausting day. Myself and Rhys left the house at 11am and went to a shopping centre in Perth called Garden City. After 5 hours of trailing around the shops we called it a day and got on the bus home.

That’s when it happened, arriving at my stop at Elizabeth Quay Station and I stood up to wait for the exit door that is in the middle of the bus to open. There was a guy in front of me but I took no notice of him other than he was holding on to the pole that the tap on, tap off machine is attached to. I saw in the corner of my eye him glance at me, he was a tall man with shades that covered his eye sockets that sat close to his face, he was white and wore a hat, around mid 40s. Again I took no notice when all of a sudden I felt the back of this mans hand smack the left side of my face, my lip and chin.

In shock; I said what anyone would say “what the f**k” and grabbed my face.

His reply was “sorry my hand slipped

Instantly, I knew he was either a drunk or some sort of druggie, as if it was any one else “sorry my hand slipped” would not be a response if you had just smacked someone in the face.

By this time the bus had stopped and I looked around in pure shock not knowing what to do, I realised the bus driver was shouting that we needed to use the front of the bus to exit, I made my way over to him and said that man has just assaulted me. The man was now shouting “I never F***ing touched her”. The bus driver didn’t act very fast and had to ask me what I meant for me to then repeat myself. By this time the man had barged past my in shock self and the confused bus driver, who then called security to which it was too late.

The man had done a runner.

As I was explaining to the confused bus driver what had happened I remember a fellow passenger walking past and saying I’m really sorry that happened to you. But he didn’t hang around, to give his details.

Security then came and one guy went looking for the man but returned soon after with no news. I was then told to go to the police station and give a statement. I stood for a moment and thought well this is absolutely pointless. The man will be completely un identifiable on the CCTV camera with his has and glasses on. Also – we leave in 2 weeks, even if the man was to be identified I wouldn’t be able to attend court etc.

But then I thought, no, if I don’t go and report it, the man will more than likely do it again. I’m just a regular girl getting off the bus and a stranger thinks its acceptable to hit? That’s not what I stand for. And I would definitely regret not taking the correct action.

So I took the details from the bus driver to take to the police. Where I waited around an hour for my statement to be taken. An officer told me they would get the CCTV footage from the bus and it would get passed around to be identified and they would bring him in. Unfortunately the officer said because I am leaving the country not much would be able to happen if he was identified. But that I had done the right thing and he was sorry that it had happened to me. I’m hoping they call tomorrow to say they have the footage at least.

So yeah, I’m not sleeping tonight. As my mind is in overdrive.

Its one of those situations where looking back you wish you did something differently. But I was in so much shock everything happened to fast. Rhys was getting up and not looking so he completely missed the incident and was just as confused as I was when I was running to the bus driver. He now feels bad because he thinks he should have done something, but of course that would have made things worse.

I can guarantee said man has forgotten all about today and will just continue on hitting random strangers for literally no reason and getting away with it. Whereas here I am at now 2:10am writing about it and over thinking what I could have done to prevent it or had done differently in the situation to have had the man kept on the bus for the police to come.

I guess I should finish with a point. No matter how small; A slap in the face or bruises and broken bones, assault is a powerful thing, It shouldnt be tolerated, ever.




Leaving Australia Forever

I haven’t let it sink in until today. I got myself a big plastic bag and started a deep clean in our apartment. I’m a major hoarder and wont list the things I found, but yeah, I have a problem…

On the 12th of November I will be leaving the beautiful country, that I have lived for almost 2 years.

I have travelled Highway 1 of Australia and visited every major city apart from Canberra.. (sorry Canberra). I have camped in the bush under the milkyway, ran out of gas in the outback, swam in numerous fresh/salt water lakes, waterfalls & hot springs.

After a month of the east coast then 3 months of farmwork and 2 months of holidaying around Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, myself and rhys found ourselves back in australia in the western capital city of Perth. Which is been our home for the past year. We did a 10 week stint from Perth to Perth in between said year but the majority of our time spent in Australia has been in this chilled out stunning city. As I said before we have been to every other major city like expensive Sydney and busy Melbourne and roasting hot Darwin. Perth for us just stole our little stone hearts, it was just right. And I will genuinely be heartbroken to leave.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.08.00 am

Rhys asked me today what I would miss most about Perth and me being silly I said being able to walk about with no makeup on because no-one knows me. Which is true.. but not a viable answer to back up just how amazing Perth is.

I’ll genuinely miss the chilled out vibes Perth gives.

The clear blue skies with not one cloud in sight will never get boring.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.18.28 am

Not feeling abligied to go out EVERY weekend because you want/need to save. Not to say theres no events every weekend in Perth, there is, but if you want to have an off night, it’s okay.

Christmas day on the beach. Enough said.


How easy it is to get around, good old transperth.

Rhys has a good one – the birds. We are obsessed with parakeet, lorikeets and kookaburras *ask google what sound does a kookaburra make and you will not be dissapointed*, the parrots and wait for it.. BLACK SWANS. In the UK a robin red breast is as good as it gets, but nah, Perth has bloody black swans.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.14.33 am

If you live in Perth or even if you live in Australia what do you love the most and what would you miss if you left?

If I had the opportunity to stay in Australia I would take it without thought, but unfortunately right now it isn’t an option. Maybe I’ll go home and do a degree that’s on the skilled occupations list… Who knows. But for now, 4 weeks and counting I’ll be saying goodbye to this amazing city I’m proud to call my home away from home.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.08.12 am

I AM THE % – An Apology To My Blog

I hold my hands up.

I have disowned my blog. My fault 100%.

I read somewhere before I started A Long Way From Home that most bloggers give up blogging with a year of starting – I told myself that I would not be part of that percentage.

Hell I was wrong.

Since my last blog post I have driven around Australia for 10 weeks from Perth to Melbourne to Uluru to Darwin to Broome and back to Perth. Rented a new apartment and I have been working as a team assistant at an engineering firm in the heart of Perth’s City centre for the past 4 months. We have planned and booked our trip home passing through Vietnam, the Philippines, Tokyo and London before heading home to Scotland for Christmas. And also a cheeky trip to Paris in January for Rhys’ 26th(old) Birthday.

Have I documented any of this?

Not. One. Bit.

God dammit Becky.

So I’m back, lets do this and lets do it properly 💪🏻

Esperance & Cape Le Grand National Park

Day 10 – Wednesday 19/04
Esperance / Cape Le Grand National Park

We left Raventhorpe and took 2.5 hours drive in to Esperance. Drove around The Great Ocean Drive, a scenic drive that follows the local coastline and then loops back into town. Highlights along the way include the Rotary Lookout, Twilight Beach, Observatory Point, the Wind Farm and Pink Lake (no picture of the pink lake… I was really looking forward to seing it but it wasn’t really pink when we got there, probably due to the weather being cloudy)

We decided to see if we could get a camping spot at Cape Le Grand National Park, even though we had read that camping spots get snapped up pretty quickly at both Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grande Campsites, we thought because its passed Easter maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Arriving at 4pm we paid the $12 entry fee for the park and set off to find the camp site, it was easy enough to find just following the signs. We drove past the turn off for Lucky Bay as we had read Cape Le Grand was better. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces when we arrived, the views really are breathtaking especially with these little guys hanging around for the whole night.

A nice ranger, who later told us that every few months another ranger covers the position, met us at the entrance to the camp site. We paid $10 each for the night and was shown to a little alcove where we could park. We set up the tent, made a cup of tea on the stove and walked over to the beach where we saw there was a lookout point over the beach so we climbed it and were not disappointed by the sunset views.

Day 11 – Thursday 20/04
Cape Le Grand National Park

We left Cape Le Grand Beach campsite and went along to Lucky Bay, as I mentioned before we didn’t stay there because we read that the campsite wasn’t as good… it has a much bigger campsite and looked really busy, but that beach, wow, squeaky white sand that rivals Whitehaven for sure and turquoise blue water. A bit cold for a dip in April but it would be amazing in the summer.


We saw straight away that folk were piling in either because it was a nice day or its nearly the weekend, some may have just been day trippers but there where way more cars driving around at 10am than 4pm the day before.

Also, thought I’d add… Frenchman Peak – one of the big mountains in the national park,  looks like the Grinches mountain in Whoville, right?!?

When we left Cape Le Grand we drove back to Esperance to stock up on food and water at IGA and left for the Nullabor at 12:30pm. We stopped at around 4:30pm and stayed at a road stop called “10 Mile Rock” (no rocks, but plenty of trees) just after Norseman at the beginning of Eyre Highway that had a drop toilet and a shit load of mosquitoes who liked me a lot…. 

*sad face*

Perth to Albany

And we are off!! I haven’t decided how I’m going to document my Highway1 Loop of Australia trip yet… I thought maybe at first I would do daily, or maybe town by town, but its now Day 10 and I have yet to post anything. So I thought a short spurt of daily activities would be fine…

Day 1 – Monday 11/04
Perth to Bunbury

We waved goodbye to Perth and headed South. Arrived in Bunbury and parked at Koombana bay. When we arrived, I found out I had won a competition for a free trip for myself and Rhys to go to Rottnest. So made the decision to stay in Bunbury until we could go on the trip. Saw passing dolphins whilst walking along the beach near dolphin discovery centre. Spent the night at a road rest stop in Bunbury.

Day 2 – Tuesday 12/04
Bunbury back to Perth..

Spent the day back at Koombana bay swimming and snorkelling. Drove back to Perth @ night and stayed at a friends as we were up early the next morning. 

Day 3 – Wednesday 11/04
Rottnest Island

So… I won a competition to take over Rottnest Express’ Instagram for the day all I had to do was document throughout day by taking pictures and posting them on their Instagram also a quick live video on their Facebook, easy peasy! Leaving at 7:15am from Fremantle B shed, the boat trip over was fine, I had heard that it can be pretty choppy. We were given bikes and snorkle gear when we got off the boat and got our tickets for a snorkel tour at 1:30pm. It was pretty chilly and cloudy when we arrived but by lunchtime the skies were blue and cloudless. Woohoo! Had the best time snorkelling and cycling around (sore bum in the morning) and taking selfies with the hungry but friendly quokkas.

Had $5 dominos and slept Roadside stop outside Bunbury as we didn’t want to drive any further we were shattered and slept like logs.

Day 4 – Thursday 12/04

Back to the trip!!! Drove to Busselton and walked along the Jetty (longest jetty in the southern hemisphere) saw loads of dolphins. Drove to Cowarump near Margaret River. Watched 2 episodes of American Crime Story then drove back to Busselton and stayed at a free campsite in the forest called the Pine Plantation because we shat it in a parking layby spot on the side of the road incase we got a fine, realised in the morning we would have been fine.


Day 5 – Friday 13/04
Busselton/ Margaret River

Showered in Busselton at the beach showers. Drove to Margaret River, Rhys had booked us into Glenbrooke campsite a little farm that used there land as a campsite, was a nice place that has hot showers, a camp kitchen, horses, a donkey named harry and kangaroos in the padocks. We put the tent up for the first time. Had a walk through the centre was super busy because of the easter weekend.

Day 6 – Saturday 15/04
Margaret River

Spent the whole day in Margaret River, went to the farmers market, the chocolate factory and over indulged in the free (white yum) choco buttons and went to cheeky monkeys for a drink.

Day 7 – Sunday 16/04

Left Margaret River, stopped off at Augusta, drove to lighthouse and water well and it started raining. Boo!! Grabbed a coffee back in Augusta. Drove through the national park on the way to Albany which was really pretty. Drove through Pemberton got a wee. Lol. So many hilly roads. Driving through you don’t get a signal or radio signal so take cds or prepare a playlist like we didn’t LOL. Road reminds me very much of Scotland, it’s April and everything is so green. Walpool, Tingly trees, drove through Denmark, stopping before Albany cooked noodles and watched American Crime Story before bed.

Day 8 – Monday 17/04

Raining!! Went to McDonalds for Wifi, pancakes and a coffee. Did washing @ a Laundromat. Lunch at Emu Beach consisted of some strange crab that was still in its shell, burger that I couldn’t finish. Went back to rest stop outside Augusta and watched Goodfellas.


Day 9 – Tuesday 18/04

Raining again!! Dropped car off at 7:30 to get two new front tyres. Went to Dome and had a vegie breakfast and a coffee. Picked up car and went to Middleton Beach for a free hot shower. Went to library to get wifi and watched episode of Broadchurch. Left Augusta at around 2pm after stocking up on discounted easter eggs at Woolworths mmmmmm. Stayed in Raventhorpe 24hr rest stop overnight.

Car Camping and Getting Creative

I wrote in my previous post and also havent stopped talking about, how we bought a 2006 Ford Falcon Station Wagon that has its very own bed built in the back. We are going to take said Station Wagon on a trip, not just any trip, the full circle around Australia, following Highway1 from Perth to Perth… no biggy, right?

car camping - a long way from home
The car when it was first bought… Keep reading to see what it looks like now!!

Well… All those years spent as a child infront of the T.V after school watching Art Attack – shout out to Neil Buchanan, SmArt and Changing Rooms (sorry to any non UK folk reading this) back in the 90’s have really being paying off these past few weeks since buying the car and getting ready for our next big trip!

Ever since I can remember I have been able to picture something in my head and come up with a weird and wonderful way of creating it. My grandad is really creative and he was definitely and still is, a massive influence on me growing up. Hi Grandad!! I have always found ways to make things to look cute and cool if it’s looking a bit outdated. And I have always managed to make the best out of what I have available. In school I took Art, Craft Design & Technology, Product Design and Graphic Design. Basically I should have went to Art College… but of course I never.

Hense thinking putting curtains up in the car was a good idea… Little did I know that a bit of trial and error would occur and I’m so glad I started a few weeks before leaving to give myself time to make it right.

I made the curtains out of a $10 queen bed sheet from kmart in a mint geometric pattern, I measured up the inside of the car and wonda webbed (adhesive iron on strips) the bed sheet into rectangles. I had already done some research on Pintrest and I knew that I wanted to make a roll up style curtain and have the ties hanging to sercure the curtains up when they weren’t in use.

To actually secure the curtains in the car was a different story. I tried velcro (see above) which failed miserably after 2 days where I would get in the car and the curtains would be hanging off. So I got some pins and pinned them up to be more secure. After a fews days I got annoyed at how untidy it looked, so I took the advice from a friend which I should have done in the first place and bought myself a $6 staple gun from Bunnings. I ripped off the velcro and started again, also changing the ties to a loop and hook style fasten as my previous idea to use velcro to secure the ties to keep the curtains rolled up didnt work either, hopefully you can see in the pictures…
Because the interior to the car is fabric, the staples have worked a treat, it looks so neat, tidy and secure.  I’m really chuffed with the result!

So here is the finished result!


I had to add in some fairy lights too!! The mint storage boxes are from Kmart (see theres a pattern here, all about those savings when your a backpacker).

You might have already noticed the wood is now a different colour too… The wood didnt look very attractive and I thought it could do with a bit of sproosing up. So bought some sticky vinyl in a light wood finish for $3 from Kmart and wrapped around the front of the bed to make it look more modern and clean. You can see the bed fully down here too. We have the back seats up at the moment until we are ready to put bedding in and the bed down for the trip.

I also bought this cute marble vinyl ($3 from kmart) that everyone is obsessed with right now and updated this dingy broken camping table instead of buying a new one.


#projectmakethecarahome is almost complete and we leave Perth in 8 days, stay tuned, I think the next few months are gonna be fun!!

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5 Places To Eat In Bali ​

OK, so you’re in Bali… You gotta eat right??


Mamas Warung – If you have been in Bali for more than 10 minutes by now you will have noticed this word “Warung” on every street. Basically it’s a little restaurant, sometimes no more than 2 tables, that does yummy Balinese food. You will eat at a Warung at least once if not every day on your trip. Mamas Warung in Ubud boasts a certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor, Mama cooks for you herself, she is a lovely Balinese lady who has been making food for her customers for years. Nasi Goreng for 18000 Rupiah ($1.80AUD) who can say no? I had Nasi Campur ala Mama.



Coffee Corner – I think we came here every day when we were in Kuta. We didn’t stay in a Balinese family home-stay in Kuta, so no pleasure of having the lovely Balinese banana pancakes and Lombok coffee every morning. Instead we opted for a nice skinny hazelnut cappuccino and some good old bacon, poached eggs, avo on toast!


South Kuta

Single Fin – Get ready for that Instagram ready pic of the day. This place is perched on top of a rocky hill where Blue Point Beach is, looking onto the Indian ocean, enjoy some Peanut Satay Chicken whilst taking it the sea breeze and if you stay long enough of go for dinner, this place is the best for watching the sunset. What a dream.

Edit: Somehow I managed to misplaced my photos from Single Fin, but check them out on Instagram @singlefinbali and you’ll get the idea 😉


The Smoothie Shop Cafe – I wrote about this place for We’re The Travellers. If you are looking for a Vegan and/or Organic bowl of goodness. This place is for you!


Cafe La Pasion – Mexican food, dip pool, cake and good vibes. Need I say more?


Karma Beach Club – Ok so I’m cheating with this one. But I will tell anyone & everyone to visit here if they are going to Bali. Karma Beach Club is a posh hotel, non-hotel stayers can pay $50 to be taken down to the private beach by cart. And when you get down there you spend the whole day no longer a backpacker, you are an A-lister for the day. Being served young coconuts, beers and food whilst snoozing on a lounger soaking in those Bali rays enjoying the beautiful sea views. I ate prawn linguine and sipped cocktails. Backpacker who???


Thanks for reading!  – A Long Way From Home


A Successful Week In Pictures

Hello…. It’s me.
(sorry I had to)
No but seriously, what a week its been!

Rhys bought us a car, check this out this little beauty, a 2006 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. It has a fold down bed in the back!!!! It also runs on LPG gas so is super cheap to run. He bought it from a backpacker couple who’s Oz trip was coming to an end. They have given us everything that they used to travel with including camping chairs, a tent, bedding, two stoves, pots pans and cutlery and a bunch of other random stuff! This is super exciting for us as this will be our home for the next few months as we travel all over Australia for the second time when we leave Perth in April. Watch this space as I will be blogging about our experience living in a car and our travels!

My eyeballs and ears where blessed from ADELE at the Domain Stadium, I honestly have no words other than she was absolutely fantastic, hilarious, beautiful and if you ever get the chance to see her it is so worth it!

I bought a tent that we will attach to the back of the car when we are at campsites on our road trip. It will make the whole experience a lot more comfortable than just sleeping in the back of a car. I bought it on EBay as I contacted the supplier of Napier Australia and they didn’t have this style in stock until the end of April so I am having one shipped over from America. I paid $310 for the tent and $110 for the postage – The Australian distributer was charging $450 including postage so I’m glad I’m not out of pocket from buying from the US and I got the one I wanted to fit our needs and our car WIN WIN!

Me and TOH went to see Matilda the Musical at the Crown Theatre, Rhys bought me the tickets from my Christmas as a surprise. We both really enjoyed it! Perth’s own Tim Minchin song writing is fantastic. My fave character was Miss Trunchbull who was played by a guy – he was hilarious!

I received the most beautiful iPhone 6 Plus case I have ever laid my eyes on. LOOK AT IT!!!
6 Dollaroos from EBay  – Woohoo!

Thanks for reading! – A Long Way From Home.

Australia Second Year Visa Farmwork FAIL

When backpacking in Australia, most backpackers find regional farm work for 88 days to gain there second year visa that will grant them another year in this beautiful country. This regional work can range from, picking and planting all kinds of fruits, fishing, working at winerys and lots more. My experience with finding a fruit job wasn’t the greatest…

After doing some research I found that Bundaberg was a popular place for backpackers to go and work on fruit farms to get 88 days signed off. I looked at getting into East Coast Backpackers as Rhys’ friends did there farm work there the year before. I called them but they couldn’t guarantee we would get a room let alone work when we arrived, just to show up on the day and see.

So I caught a flight from Sydney to Bundaberg anyway and hoped for the best. When I arrived in Bundaberg  I called East Coast Backpackers again to say I had arrived in Bundaberg but was told that they had no room. Thankfully I had read about another backpackers called Cellblock – a renovated police station,  that offered farm work to backpackers. We arrived and paid $250 for what was an actual cell with a double bed for a week, we asked about farm work but were very vague on if they had anything, we were asked to fill in various forms and to wait.



Obviously, this wasn’t what I was expecting, I was probably very naive thinking I would be handed farm work the next day. Maybe this doesn’t happen all the time or maybe thats just the way it is but after speaking to people staying at Cellblock there were girls who had been staying at the hostel for 6 weeks and still hadn’t been given any work. Boys on the other hand were getting work, which meant if Rhys got work and I didn’t this I was was going to be here for a long time. This scared me. I for one couldn’t afford paying $250 a week and getting no work.

I heard there was another backpackers in Bundaberg called Cherri Backpackers who were apparently giving out work to people the next day. So I called them and they agreed work would start tomorrow at 5am. I got a refund from Cellblock with no issues and rocked up to Cherris. Realising pretty quickly that it was an Asian run hostel. A pale ginger girl and a Mexican looking bald Scottish guy – we stuck out like sore thumbs, but everyone was lovely and made us feel at home. We were promised a double room but when we arrived we were put into a 4 dorm room with a bunk and two singles but not sharing with anyone which was fine – the shower and toilet was very sketchy but we made do, we paid $180 for the week. 5am the next morning we met outside not knowing what to expect and boarded what can only be described as a “berry bus”.


For 3 days we planted rows of strawberries. Handed a black bag full of strawberry roots and planted them in the holes that we had pierced into the black polythene mile long rows with our fingers. QUE RED RAW BLISTERS! and finishing at 11am before it got too hot for everyone. I probably sound like a pussy but it was seriously back breaking work, by the 3rd day we struggled to get out of bed from the constant squatting. For every row we got $15 and had to split it between us as two people worked on a row each. OUCH!


After the 3rd day I got a call from a farmer who saw my farm work ad on gumtree who was looking for a couple to work on his cattle station in a town in QLD for the full 3months. But thats for another blog 😉 We jumped at the chance and left Cherri Backpackers. We got $90 for 3 days, 2 weeks later.

I really should add that regional farmwork really isn’t a walk in the park, you might find yourself getting messed around a lot from hostels and farmers. Speak to people before you throw yourself into something you aren’t sure about and stay safe, there are some horror stories out there I’m sure you will hear about! 

Here’s a link from the visa bureau with much more info about your second year visa work

photo credit:
cherribackpacker facebook page

Thanks for reading! – A Long Way From Home.

Ask Me! – Backpacking in Australia Questions & Answers


If you are currently planning to travel to Australia whether it be on a Working Holiday  417 Visa or a Visitors visa, or maybe you are already here but still have some questions, feel free to ask me anything…

The list is endless!

I have been in Australia for a year now and I’d like to think I know a bit about being a backpacker here 😜

So ask away and I will be happy to help, comment below, tweet me, or dm on instagram, whichever way I love chatting to my readers!

Go on, ask A Long Way From Home!